Power Measurement

Split Core Current Transformer

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With the clamp on current transformers AD-KSW50, AD-KSW100, AD-KSW200, AD-KSW400 and AD-KSW600 high currents can be measured without contact in connection with the power measurement devices from the Adamczewski GmbH. There are transformers for the range up to 600 A AC available. By their small size they can be easily mounted on the current carrying conductors and can therefore be mounted easily to existing systems without disconnecting the main cable. The secondary side mA-currents are not critical and can be wired over several meters. By the internal voltage limitation there are no high voltages on the secondary side possible.


Measurement of high currents, power or energy in plants or buildings in connection with the measurement technology from the Adamczewski GmbH.


  Specific characteristics

  • non-contact measurement of high currents
  • no disconnection of the main cable during installation
  • uncritical mA-signals at the secondary side of the transformer
  •   Business data

    Order number
    AD-KSW 50 50 A AC primary current
    AD-KSW 100 100 A AC primary current
    AD-KSW 200 200 A AC primary current
    AD-KSW 400 400 A AC primary current
    AD-KSW 600 600 A AC primary current
    Power measurement transducer
    AD-LU 25 GT power measurement transducer
    Compatible transducer
    AD-LU 35 GT power measurement transducer
    AD-LU 55 GT power measurement transducer
    AD-LU 680 GA power measurement transducer



      Technical specifications

    Max. primary conductor diameter
    AD-KSW50 23 mm
    AD-KSW100 23 mm
    AD-KSW200 23 mm
    AD-KSW400 35 mm
    AD-KSW600 35 mm
    Primary current
    AD-KSW50 0 ... 50 A AC
    AD-KSW100 0 ... 100 A AC
    AD-KSW200 0 ... 200 A AC
    AD-KSW400 0 ... 400 A AC
    AD-KSW600 0 ... 600 A AC
    Secondary current
    All transformer types 0 ... 33 mA AC
    Nominal load
    All transformer types 7 Ohm
    AD-KSW50 34,4 x 45 x 65,5 mm
    AD-KSW100 34,4 x 45 x 65,5 mm
    AD-KSW200 34,4 x 45 x 65,5 mm
    AD-KSW400 38,4 x 57 x 81,5 mm
    AD-KSW600 38,4 x 57 x 81,5 mm
    AD-KSW50 ca. 180 g
    AD-KSW100 ca. 180 g
    AD-KSW200 ca. 180 g
    AD-KSW400 ca. 350 g
    AD-KSW600 ca. 350 g
    All transformer types < 0,5 %
    Phase error
    All transformer types 1 (primary to secondary)
    Secundary wires
    Connections white: k, black: l
    Cable length 50 cm
    Frequency range
    All transformer types 50 ... 400 Hz
    Rated frequency
    All transformer types 50 / 60 Hz
    All transformer types 2500 V AC (1 min) + cable insulation
    Environmental conditions
    Operation -10 ... 60 C
    Storage and transport -20 ... 70 C (no condensation)
    All transformer types CE, UL, RoHS

      Block and wiring diagram