Adamczewski product-catalogue

AD-Katalog The complete Adamczewski product-catalogue as PDF-file.

Configuration software AD-Studio

The Adamczewski configuration software AD-Studio enables configuration of all parameter via PC. The parameter can be read, written, printed and saved.
The software also makes it possible to work "offline", that is, you can „pre-parameterize“ any number of devices, save the parameter in a file and transfer them to the device at a later time.

Attention, important note:
As interface from the device to the PC, the adapter set AD-VarioPass is necessary, consisting of: AD-VarioPass USB-Adapter, AD-UART link cabel (1m), AD-UART+ ribbon cable (8cm), USB-cabel (1,5m A/B), RS485 plug-in terminal S. USB-Adapter of other manufacturer are not supported and can lead to errors at the device.

Basic knowledge of power and
energy measuring technology

An AD technical term compendium of all available metrics as a definition of terms, to support and interpret the performance data in the configuration software AD-Studio, manuals and data sheets.

Adamczewski device types as STEP files

In order to support you in your electrical planning, almost all device types are now also available as STEP files (Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data). Please look for the 3D icon in the download directory of the respective article. E.g. power-meter AD-LU 20 GT