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Special development and fabrication of customer-specific products

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For over 30 years the company Adamczewski has developed, fabricated and distributed a wide spectrum of electronic devices. The applications are spread over many branches in the measuring, control, regulation, process and automation technologies. Our strengths lie in a total solution of individual problems of our customers, which reaches from development to the later serial production. Due to exact analysis of the demand, combined with the application of the most modern development and production technology, a high degree of time and cost efficiency is achieved.

Your advantages in an overview:

  • 30-year experience as full service provider of development, material management, logistics and production
  • Complete development and production site in Germany, therefore high flexibility of available capacities and low bureaucratic impediments and, at the same time, achievement of short implementation and turnaround times.
  • Most modern production technology (i.e. lead-free shafting and reflow soldering, SMD-automatic apparatus equipping, automatic laser lettering device)
  • Coverage of a lot size spectrum of small series to large series possible.
  • High standard of quality (certified according to DIN ISO 9001, ATEX-approval). Fabrication since 01.04.2005 according to EU-guideline 2002/95/EG(RoHS) or limiting the usage of hazardous substances


  • Concept phase:
    On the basis of the ideas or the specifications of the customer, the first considerations as to feasibility are started. If these have a positive result, first concepts can be worked out and possibly first pre-trials and calculations can be carried out. For this we have modern laboratory equipment with power packs, memory oscilloscopes, generators and measuring devices available. In any case, detailed specifications for the product will be drawn up.
  • CAD-layout:
    The CAD-layout is carried out on our premises. Layout is manual. The experience of our development engineers over many years and the proximity to the fabrication have a very positive effect on the quality of the layout and therefore on the entire product. We execute our layouts in fine line print method with structure sizes of approx. 200µm. More complex layouts are also produced in multi-layer. We use the combined printed circuit/layout programme "EAGLE". Most of the printed circuit board manufacturers in the meantime accept layouts in EAGLE-format, which makes the error-prone converting of CAD-data unnecessary.
  • Prototype/initial sample:
    The printed circuit boards for the prototype can be delivered via a printed circuit board quick service within a few days.
  • Programming:
    If it concerns a digital device with micro controller, the device functions are mainly carried out by the device firmware. The development of this firmware is usually costlier than the hardware development and requires particularly careful planning in cooperation with the customer, to avoid unnecessary development costs. The micro controller programme in the programming language "C". Tools such as integral development environments with C-compiler, in-circuit-emulators and programming devices are available. There is the possibility to parameterise the devices with the PC. For this there exists a programme, which can easily be adapted to new devices and can be made available to the customer. Updating of the firmware by the customer via the PC is also possible. The PC programming languages used are Visual Basic or the new .NET languages such as C#.
  • Certification:
    According to the CE conformity, the EMV guidelines or the low voltage guidelines must be deemed as minimum requirement. The checking of the EMV guidelines can be carried out on the premises to the greatest possible extent. Test generators for surge, burst or ESD are available as well as measuring receivers for checking the released line-conducted errors. The results can be summarised in a report and serve as base for the conformity declaration of the manufacturer or of the company which sells the devices.


  • Equipping: manual equipping, SMD semi automatic or fully automatic devices
  • Soldering: wave soldering bath, reflow oven
  • Automatic laser lettering device
  • Test: 100%, PC-supported, permanently stored in data base
  • Traceability: with the fabrication number, the entire life of the device can be comprehended, from fabrication through test, despatch and possible service procedures such as repair, recalibration etc.
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