Development Services


Our decades of experience enable us to offer you a range of competent development services. An extremely powerful, creative team is at your disposal, which will also reinvent the wheel for you - if necessary!

Our own products are used e.g. in water and wastewater processing, in the communal sector or by special-purpose associations, in energy monitoring, optimization or management, in the interface level of general process and automation technology, etc. 
The areas of application are constantly being expanded by requests from customers.

Based on this wealth of experience, we are happy to develop customized solutions for you. In the hardware area, we are absolutely familiar with analog and digital circuit techniques, power supplies, but also special areas such as explosion protection. The housings of the devices and their connection technology are taken into account from the beginning.
In the analog sector, amplifier circuits, signal processing, filters or the galvanic isolation of signals are daily business for us.

In the digital sector, programming microcontrollers and ARM processors in the C programming language with modern development environments is our trade. When things get more complicated, we use our "house standard" state machines (state diagrams) to communicate device functions with the customer. Misunderstandings are thus practically eliminated.

For power supplies we work with low-cost linear solutions but also with switching regulators with universal inputs for 24VDC and/or 230VAC!

By the way, we do not see standardization as an obstacle, but as an incentive. Of course, the applicable standards and EMC are also included in the design, so that no negative surprises arise later. Our own EMC laboratory for measurements during development and EMC materials are available for this process. Existing standards are monitored regularly. If standards for your product do not exist, we will of course assist you in finding them. If a type test is necessary for your product at a testing company or a testing institute, we will also be happy to support you in this.


The hardware is developed with modern CAD programs. You can get samples within a few days if needed. We use THD (leaded) or also SMD components. Depending on the complexity of your application, multilayer printed circuit boards are not a problem. For the first samples, we prepare a meaningful initial sample test report.

Of course, your product can also be manufactured in our company. We are certified according to DIN ISO 9001 in the areas of development, production and sales. We use modern, scripted inspection technology with database-based traceability of the product by its manufacturing number.

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