VarioConnect, brings the measurement data of VarioControl compatible devices to the Modbus RTU

The removable AD-VarioConnect operating module is used to display measured values from a compatible basic device (see product overview). The integrated RS485 fieldbus interface with the Modbus-RTU protocol allows all measurement data to be made available in binary form. After clipping on the Vario-Connect module, the basic device is automatically recognized, read out and the corresponding measured values are displayed. Of course, this can also be done without restriction during operation (hot-swapping). In addition to the function as an indicator, it is also possible to configure parameters, display and device functions.



data sheet [pdf]
    The features:
  • Removable (hot-swapping)
  • Backup and restore of the parameters
  • Multi-colored (R/G/B) illuminated LCD to display the various operating modes
  • Menu language switchable: German, English
  • Simulation mode
  • Including an RS485 fieldbus interface with Modbus-RTU protocol

Three-Phase Voltage Monitor

The three-phase voltage monitor AD-UW 60 GT monitors all three phases in the three-phase system for overvoltage, undervoltage, phase sequence and phase symmetry. If one or more faults occur, the quiescent current relay will fail. The state of the three phases and the error state is indicated by LEDs. The device is powered by the measuring voltage, therefore the wiring of a separate supply is eliminated. The switching points for overvoltage, undervoltage and switching delay can be set quickly via separate trimmers.

AD-UW 60 GT Blockschaltbild

Voltage Monitoring

data sheet [pdf]
    The features:
  • front-side setting of the switching points for undervoltage, overvoltage and switching delay
  • check all relevant sizes for a wide variety of purposes
  • display of the phase voltages by green LEDs
  • display of the relay status by orange light emitting diode
  • no separate power supply necessary therefore less wiring effort

  • Application examples:
  • for monitoring three-phase motors, overhead cranes, trolleys, goods lifts, conveyor belts, ventilation devices etc.

Power Meter VarioControl compatible

Measures all variables of the AC and three-phase system (current, voltage, energy, harmonics, phase angle, active, reactive and apparent power) and converts these measured values to two freely scalable analog outputs.
With the 3-phase version, the integrated relay and semiconductor switch enable the output of energy counting pulses and the switching of limit values. Programmable either via PC or directly on site via the VarioControl display and adjustment module.

product illustration AD-LU 320 GVD Device for power-network
Input 1x 1/5A (253VAC)
product illustration AD-LU 325 GVD Device for power-network
Input 1x max. 600A / 253VAC über
external push-through current transformer
product illustration AD-LU 620 GVF Device for three-phase network
Input 3x 1/5A (253VAC)
product illustration AD-LU 625 GVF Device for three-phase networ
Input 3x max. 600A / 253VAC über
external push-through current transformer
Power Meter

Basic knowledge of power and
energy measuring technology

An AD technical term compendium of all available metrics as a definition of terms, to support and interpret the performance data in the configuration software AD-Studio, manuals and data sheets.

Adamczewski device types as STEP files

In order to support you in your electrical planning, almost all device types are now also available as STEP files (Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data). Please look for the 3D icon in the download directory of the respective article. E.g. power-meter AD-LU 20 GT

DIN-rail holder for
split-core current transfomers AD-KSW

With the AD-HSH-S it is possible to mount three Adamczewski split-core current transformers of type AD-KSW 50, AD-KSW 100 or AD-KSW 200 together on DIN rail. The output currents (max 33.33 mA) are provided via terminals. The AD-HSH-S is supplied fully assembled, therefore the size of the folding current transformer must be specified in case of order.

KSW-DIN rail holder

accessories clamp-on
current transformer set
for DIN-rail

19" Eurocard adapter

With the Eurocard adapter AD-EV-Adapter, existing systems in 19"-technology can be equipped with current DIN rail technology. This means that plants can continue operate without major retrofitting costs. These adapters can be used to mount and clamp current Adamczewski DIN-rail units with the housing design GL or GS. The assembly and wiring is done ex works. On request, it is possible that the control parts of the DIN rail device protrude through an opening in the front panel of the Eurocard.


data-sheet [pdf]

Power Measurement Devices

The Adamczewski devices of energy- and power measurement technology monitor all measurement values in a three-phase power system.
The power is measured via clamp on current transformer (up to 600 A) or via bushing current transformer directly at the device (up to 20A).
These measured data can be displayed and output, while it does not matter whether analog, via a bus communication protocol (eg. Modbus-RTU etc.) or as impulse-counts or threshold values.
Our devices are ideal as building blocks for the construction of an energy management system according to EN ISO 50001.

You will find further information at:

Power Measurement

VarioCondrol device overview

The removable control device AD-VarioControl is used to display measured values of a VarioControl compatible basic device (cf. HTML-device overview) . After plugging in, which is also possible during operation of the base device without restrictions (cf. hot plugging), the basic device is automatically read out and the corresponding measured value is displayed. In addition to the display function, (access) to the parameters and controller functions of the basic device is also possible. The parameter settings can be loaded into the control panel using the backup function and can be restored on a different base device of the same type.
For more information and an overview VarioControl compatible devices can be found at:

Current-Transformer-Transmitter AD-SWT-TRMS

The SWT-TRMS series of devices (AD-SWT 50 TRMS, AD-SWT 100 TRMS and AD-SWT 200 TRMS) serves the measuring of large AC currents and simultaneous conversion to 4...20 mA transmitter signal. Because of the RMS measurement, the current consumption of non-linear consumers can be measured. Even strong distortions of the sinusoidal signal are easily measurable through the high sampling rate. The devices are designed in two-wire technology and can be operated in a wide range of voltages. Dependent on the amount of the primary current, the devices sink a proportional 4...20 mA signal from the connected supply voltage. Due to the integral protection against polarization error and over-voltage, the transmitter is also protected against erroneous applications or transient over-voltages. The housing is designed in external clamp-on transformer format and therefore can be easily integrated into existing units.


data sheet [pdf]
data sheet [html]
  • Measuring ranges 0...50 AAC, 0...100 AAC or 0...200 AAC
  • Output: 4 ... 20 mA transmitter signal
  • in assembly-friendly clamp-on transformer technology
  • true RMS measurements

Monitor Module AD-MM 400

The Monitor module AD-MM 400 is a display and control unit for front panel mounting. The device can be used as master or slave (communications protocol Modbus-RTU). As a master, the device reads the displayed values of devices that are connected via the RS485 interface with the AD-MM 400. The display values are polled at a certain time frame. The display values can be any data such as measured values, output values, digital inputs or outputs or various counters for energy or amounts. In addition to the display function, the AD-MM 400 can configure the connected devices via the menu. As a slave, the device can also be used as pure display device, where the display values are then sent from a master to the AD-MM 400.
AD-MM 400

data sheet [pdf]
data sheet [html]
  • Display of up to 4 measuring data points per display and up to 10 subpages
  • Freely configurable labeling of the displays and values.
  • Connection in the master operation of up to 32 slaves
  • Easy configuration via AD-Studio
  • Connection of several AD-MM 400 on a bus in slave mode

Ex-Contact-Amplifier AD-KVEX

The ex-contact amplifier (switching amplifier) serves preferably the protection of weak sensor contacts or the amplification of binary sensor signals.
The AD-KVEX 100/200 GVD provides a logical input signal amplified at a contact output. Typical input signals are reed contacts, signal sensor according to Namur Namur (DIN EN 60947-5-6) or resistance changes. At the output, heavy-duty and potential free contacts are provided. The logical switching direction as well as the line fault recognition is separately switchable for each conduit. The version AD-KVEX 100/200 GVDO has wear-free semi-conductor outputs, which are also galvanically separated via an optic isolation.

Type overview:

- AD-KVEX 100 GVD 1 relay output                          - AD-KVEX 200 GVD 2 relay output
- AD-KVEX 100 GVDO 1 semiconductor output          - AD-KVEX 200 GVDO 2 semiconductor output

  • Intrinsically safe input [Ex ia] IIC
  • Up to two independent switching channels (AD-KVEX 200)
  • Switching function can be reversed
  • Line fault detection
  • LEDs for signal and error display
  • Optional available with Ex input terminal at the bottom (order option: S-488)


The supply isolation amplifier AD-STVEX 710 GVD is designed for operation of an intrinsically safe 2-wire measuring transducer (transmitter) and an mA current source installed in the hazardous area / potentially explosive atmosphere. At Adamczewski can be selected whether the ex-input terminal is on top or bottom of the device (order option S-388). A 2-wire measuring transducer is supplied with power and the impressed analog 4-20 mA measuring signal is galvanically isolated and transmitted from the hazardous area /potentially explosive atmosphere to the non-hazardous area.


  • Supply of a 2-wire transducer or measurement of an active 0/4-20mA current signal from the hazardous area/potentially explosive atmosphere zone 0
  • Sensor error detection as per Namur NE43
  • Output of the measurement signal to a current and voltage output
  • Optional available with Ex input terminal at the bottom (order option: S-388)
  • Measuring range, filter, etc. can be configured by the customer via AD-Studio
  • 23mm narrow housing with plug-type, coded connection terminals
  • Zero and full scale by means of two front keys