Configuration software AD-Studio 2

Adamczewski configuration software AD-Studio allows to configure all parameters of all Adamczewaski digital devices via PC. The parameter sets can be read, written, printed and saved.
The software also allows to work "offline", i.e. it is possible to "pre-parameterize" without device connection, to save the parameters in a file and to transfer them to the device at a later time. Furthermore, measured values can be logged and saved as CSV files.

Download AD-Studio 2 - 29 MB

Adamczewski Main catalog

Includes internet links to technical data sheets.

Download Main catalog as PDF
ad-kata-en.pdf - 23 MB
Listing customs tariff numbers
hs-code.pdf - 89 kB

Tools and aids

Various PC tools and utilities for analysis and start-up of digital Adamczewski devices.

VarioView: Visualization software for Adamczewski log files.

Find-Network-Device: Network scan tool for searching and finding Adamczewski TCP devices.

File Linking: Linking tool of Adamczewski log day files.


Download VarioView - 778 kB
Download Find-Network-Device - 254 kB
Download File linking - 71 kB

Basic / technical knowledge and further literature

Special knowledge and helpful information for handling Adamczewski products.


Sonderfunktionen Knowhow
Download Basic knowledge of power and energy measurement technology
lu-grundbegriffe.pdf - 1 MB
Download Monitoring of three-phase loads
lu10_lastueberwachung.pdf - 69 kB
Download Encoder connection aid Frequency converter
fm-geber-klemmenbelegung.pdf - 33 kB
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