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Firmenprofil Adamczewski

Company philosophy

The ultimate destination is, of course, the satisfaction of our customers.

This goal was and is achieved with high product quality.

Because electronic devices of the ADAMCZEWSKI company are in use around the clock in the vast majority of cases, the electronics must meet a high quality standard.

Not only in production, but already in the development process, our team never loses focus on the specified longevity of our products.

This is reflected in the very low return rate in our service department.

Due to the open communication channels for our customers up to the development, technical customer problems and special solutions can be addressed.

In order to be able to maintain this quality standard in the future, our own specialists are regularly recruited.

Young trainees are taught our philosophy right from the start.

Firmenprofil Adamczewski
Firmenprofil Adamczewski

40 years of experience in electronic measurement technology and the development of customer-specific solutions from many industries.

We are looking forward to upcoming technical challenges from our customers in electronics and EMC.


Company history

  • 2022Expansion of production facilities in the approval process

    The expansion of the product portfolio in the direction of power measurement technology and energy management forces an enlargement of the production facilities. In order to meet the quality demands of customers, a larger new building is planned and is already in the approval process. Construction is expected to start before the end of 2023.

    Furthermore, the machinery for automatic PCB production was expanded by two new machines. This also increases the production capacity in this area.

  • February 2021Mr. Moritz Alt becomes managing director.

    Mr. Alt, who has been working in the development department of Adamczewski for many years, is appointed as managing director. He manages in particular the complete EMC area.

  • September 2019Completion of the EMC laboratory with a full absorber chamber.

    To ensure the high quality and reliability of electronic products, the company invests in its own EMC laboratory. This also includes a standard-compliant full absorption chamber. The competence in EMC is now also offered as a service.

  • 2006 - 2008Updating in machine manufacturing.

    Purchasing new placement, squeegee, and soldering machines, for state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing.

  • July 2003ISO 9001 and ATEX certification.

    Introduction of a quality management system including ATEX certification for the development and production of transmitters for explosive atmospheres.

  • June 2000Cultivation expansion of the production facilities.

    Moderne Fertigungsmaschinen wie SMD-Bestücker und Reflowöfen benötigen mehr Raum. Ein zweistöckiges Gewerbegebäude soll der Platznot ein Ende schaffen.

  • January 1998Mr. Biehler becomes a shareholder.

    Mr. Biehler has been managing director since 1990 and contributes to Adamczewski Elektronische Messtechnik GmbH as a shareholder.

  • September 1990Building of an administrative building.

    The manufacturing facility built 8 years ago is no longer large enough. An additional double-storey office building is being erected.

  • December 1989Takeover of the company Datentechnik WGSI.

    The company Datentechnik WGSI has developed and manufactured logging computers and data loggers. Through the takeover, devices in digital technology were developed and produced from now on in addition to the focus on analog transducers.

  • August 1982Transformation into ADAMCZEWSKI Elektronische Messtechnik GmbH and relocation to the new building in Zaberfeld.

    The rooms in Güglingen are no longer enough. An administration and production building is constructed in the industrial park in Zaberfeld. Thus, production machines of the latest technical standard can now be used.

  • February 1976Foundation of the company by Hartmut Adamczewski, based in Güglingen.

    Electronic transmitters in analog design are developed, produced and sold. The main focus of sales is on water supply systems and wastewater disposal systems.

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