AD-LU 410 GA


Especially in power plant operations but also in many other switchgear areas, active power for the optimization and control of processes must be continuously measured. The power converter AD-LU 410 GA is always adapted to the individual case by means of plant-specific adaptations. The nominal voltage, the power to be measured and the desired output signal are required by the customer. The exact power values are available as standard signal for further processing.

AD-LU 410 GA


Measurement of the active power in switchgear, power plants, voltage distributions and transformation into an analog standard signal.

Specific characteristics

  • Plug and play installation due to customer-specific production
  • Fast response time due to analog multipliers
  • Measurement of active power in 3- and 4-wire grids
  • Measurement of symmetrical or asymmetrical load
  • Measurement of active power fed back into the grid
  • Analog output also bipolar possible
  • Separate auxiliary voltage with wide range power supply

Business data

Order number
AD-LU 410 GA Input, Output customized
Required customer data
Connection method 3-wire or 4-wire
Nominal voltage Phase/Delta [V]
Voltage Transformers Primary/secondary voltage [V/V]
Current Transformers Primary/secondary current [A/A]
Type of load Symmetric or unsymmetric load
Measuring range Begin ... End [kW]
Output signal Current or voltage
Output range Begin ... End [V, mA]
EClass 27210124
Customs tariff number / country of origin 8543 70 90 / Deutschland


Technical specifications

Voltage inputs
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Nominal Voltage Phase/Delta 230/400 V AC
Max. Voltage Phase/Delta 300/520 V AC
Current consumption per phase 0,5 mA AC
Permanent Overload 120% of nominal voltage
Peak load 600 V AC, 1s
Current inputs
Rated current I1, I2, I3 0 ... 1 A AC, 0 ... 5 A AC
Peak load 100 A AC, 1s
Continuous load 6 A AC
Permanent Overload 120% of nominal current
Input resistance per phase ~20 mOhm
Type Current or voltage, to be specified when ordering
Output current
Max. burden 500 Ohm
Maximum output range -22 ... 22 mA (500 Ohm)
Output voltage
Min. burden 10 kOhm
Maximum output range -12 ... 12 V (10kOhm)
Accuracy class 0,5
Temperature influence ~60 ppm/K
Frequency influence 200 ppm/Hz (40 ... 60 Hz)
Response time ~800 ms (0 ... 90 %)
DC 20 ... 253 V DC, 1,5 W
AC 50 ... 253 V AC, 3 VA
Protection class connection IP20
Type of protection housing IP40
Connection method Screw clamp
Cross section fine wire 2,5 mm2
Cross section one wire 4 mm2
Max. torque of terminals 0,8 Nm
Mounting DIN rail mounting
Weight ~450 g
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature -10 ... 60 °C
Storage, transport -25 ... 80 °C
Electromagnetic compatibility
Product family standard EN 61326-1
Emission EN 55011, CISPR11 Cl. B, Gr. 1
During an interference effect slight signal deviations are possible.
Electrical safety requirements
Overvoltage category III
Measurement category CAT III
Pollution degree 2
Test voltage input/output 5 kV RMS, 1 Min.
Testvoltage output/supply 4 kV RMS, 1 Min.
Product standards
Product family standard EN 60688

Block and wiring diagram

AD-LU 410 GA


AD-LU 410 GA

Circuit examples

AD-LU 410 GA

CAD / CAE Daten

CAD model is not yet available for this product.

The CAD product overview can be found at:

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