AD-TV 591 GS


The alternating voltage isolation amplifier AD-TV 591 GS detects the true RMS value of an alternating voltage. The input variable 0-250V AC or 0-450V AC is here freely selectable via terminal. The alternating voltage is galvanic separated and transformed into an impressed DC standard signal 0/4-20 mA or 0/2-10 VDC. The zero point and the range of the measuring signal can be adjusted with trimmers at the front. The trimmers can be activated via a wire bridge. The start of the output range can be modified via a wire bridge from 0 to 4mA or from 0 to 2V, exceeding the measuring range or falling below the measuring range is indicated with a flashing LED at the front of the device. The device can be configured with a PC software via the interface on the front interface.

AD-TV 591 GS


Freely configurable transformation of AC voltage signals to DC standard signals, with simultaneous galvanic separation.

Specific characteristics

  • true-rms
  • zero point trimmer and final value trimmer can be switched on
  • programming via optional AD-Studio Configuration software possible

Business data

Order number
AD-TV 591 GS
EClass 27210125
Customs tariff number / country of origin 8543 70 90 / Deutschland


Data sheet pdf en-tv591gs.pdf (172 kB)
STEP file step gs.step (3 MB)
Safety instructions pdf ad-safety-instructions.pdf (43 kB)

Technical specifications

Input voltage
Measuring range 0 ... 250 V AC / 0 ... 450 V AC 1)
Input frequency 40 ... 400 Hz
Output current
Max. output range 0 ... 20 mA 1)
Max. burden 500 Ohm
Output voltage
Max. output range 0 .. 10 V 1)
Min. burden 10 kOhm
Transmission behaviour
Trim range +/-20 % 1)
Linearity error 0,5 % of full scale
Measuring time 20 ms (1 Period)
Rise time (90%) 200 ms (min. 60 ms) 3)
Response time 220 ms (min. 80 ms) 3)
Temperature influence +/- 100 ppm/K
Supply voltage 20 ... 253 V DC / 50 ... 253 V AC
Max. power consumption 1,2 W / 2,2 VA
Manner of fastening DIN rail 35mm (EN 50022)
Type of protection IP 20
Connector cross section Max. 2,5 mm²
Bolting torque screw terminals 0,5 Nm
Weight Ca. 120 g
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature -10 ... 50 °C
Storage and transport -10 ... 60 °C
Product family standard EN 61326-1
Emitted interference EN 55011, CISPR11 Cl. B, Gr. 1
Electrical safety requirements
Product family standard EN 61010-1
Overvoltage category II
Pollution degree 2
Safety measurement EN 61010-2-030
Measurement category CAT III
Galvanic isolation, test voltages
Input/output 4 kV (1 min)
Input/power-supply 4 kV (1 min)
Output/power-supply 3 kV (1 min)
1) Different values must be advised by order
2) During electromagnetic disturbance minor changes in output signal are possible.
3) Filter 5 (Filter 0).

Block and wiring diagram

AD-TV 591 GS


AD-TV 591 GS

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