AD-VarioPass 4


The programming adapter AD-VarioPass 4 is a galvanic separated programming adapter, which is operated with the PC via an USB interface. With this USB programming adapter, the digital devices of the company Adamczewski can be parameterized. The AD-VarioPass 4 is simply connected to a free USB interface of the PC via the enclosed USB cable. The AD-VarioPass 4 has, on the secondary side, three device interfaces, which create the connection to the device with diverse cable connector, which are supplied. It has a jack plug (UART interface), via a double terminal (RS485 bus) and a pin connector (UART+interface). Dependent on the device, the correct interface is selected. Two or three interfaces must never be used simultaneously. For the correct function of the programming adapter, the suitable hardware driver must be installed. As soon as the driver is installed correctly, a virtual COM interface is established, via which the communication to the device is realised. To obtain access to the parameter of the connected device, it is recommended to install the free-of-charge configuration software AD-Studio. The current versions of the software and of the hardware driver can be downloaded from the download area of the homepage of the company Adamczewski. When installing the software AD-Studio, the hardware driver for the programming adapter AD-VarioPass 4 can also be installed. With the AD-VarioPass 4 and the configuration software AD-Studio, all digital Adamczewski devices can be parameterized.

AD-VarioPass 4


Access to all digital devices of the company Adamczewski from the PC.

Specific characteristics

  • USB-port enables connection to a PC - galvanically isolated from:
  • UART-port enables connection to relevant Adamczewski device
  • RS485-port enables connection to relevant Adamczewski device
  • UART+-port enables connection to relevant Adamczewski device

Business data

Order number
AD-VarioPass 4
Customs tariff number / country of origin 8543 70 90 / Deutschland


Data sheet pdf en-variopass4.pdf (124 kB)
Software|Konfigurationssoftware AD-Studio
Software2 Configuration software AD-Studio
Safety instructions pdf ad-safety-instructions.pdf (43 kB)

Technical specifications

PC connection / supply
Voltage range USB 4,8 ... 5,2 V DC
Nominal voltage USB 5 V DC
Power consumption < 1 W (depending on the output load)
Device interface 1
UART Standard UART device interface for the connection of most Adamczewski devices
Device interface 2
RS485 BUS RS485 bus-interface for connecting BUS-enabled devices
Device interface 3
UART+ UART interface with integrated 5V supply
Dimensions (WxHxD) 42x22x63 mm
Type of protection IP 20
Connection method PC USBinterface
Connection method interface 1 Stereo jack (UART)
Connection method interface 2 2-wire plug-in terminal (RS485)
Connection method interface 3 6-pin connector (UART+)
Weight ~ 50 g
Manner of fastening hand-held case
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature -10 ... 50 °C
Storage and transport -10 ... 70 °C (no condensation)
Product family standard EN 61326-1 1)
Emitted interference EN 55011, CISPR11 Cl. B, Gr. 1
Electrical safety requirements
Product family standard EN 61010-1
Overvoltage category II
Pollution degree 2
Galvanic isolation, test voltages
USB to outputs 1 kV, 50 Hz (1 min.)
Protection circuits
USB Electrical surge protection
RS485 bus interface Electrical surge protection
1) During checking, slight signal deviations are possible.

CAD / CAE Daten

CAD model is not yet available for this product.

The CAD product overview can be found at:

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